Radon Testing Protocol

EPA protocol for short term radon testing in real estate transactions be maintained for 12 hours before the test starts and a minimum of 48 hours after the test starts. Basically you are emulating winter home conditions.

  1. Keep all windows though out the ENTIRE home closed. This includes the upper floors.

  2. Keep all exterior doors and the interior basement door shut except for normal entry and exit.

  3. Do not operate wood/coal/pellet stoves or fireplaces, whole house fans or attic fans.

  4. Use kitchen and bathroom fans only as needed.

  5. Operating central air conditioning is permitted.

  6. Operating room air conditioners in recirculating mode is permitted.

  7. Going into the basement is permitted. The monitor only reads and does not emit anything.

  8. The thermostat should be set at a minimum of 65° and a maximum of 78°.

  9. Do not touch or move the radon monitor.
Nor following these EPA protocols may require retesting the home.

If you have any questions please call or email us.