WE GUARANTEE that you can find a cheaper home inspection but you will not find a better home inspection that also includes a limited warranty provided by Residential Warranty Services and RecallChek. Experience does make a difference. Most of our new clients are referrals from previous clients. Your short term savings of a cheaper home inspection will be far outweighed by your long term costs of an inferior inspection.

Your new home could be 900 square feet or 7,000 square feet. The home could be brand new or 200 years old. The home could be in or outside of Onondaga County. The home could be a condo or a four family. All of these things enter into Tyler Home Inspections giving you an accurate price quote. Please call and we will give you a firm quote for any condo, single family, townhouse/patio home, multi-family, apartment complex, commercial or industrial structure.

Home/Building Inspection


Radon In Air Testing (NYS DOH ELAP # 11911)

Water Testing( Coli & E-Coli)*

Septic Dye Testing

Combination - Water Testing/Septic Dye Testing/ 2 Hour Well Flow

Thermo Imaging

Construction Defect Analysis/Forensic Property Inspection

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* - Onondaga County only, call for quote outside Onondaga County.
All Water tests are subcontracted to Life Science Laboratories, NYS DOH ELAP 10248.